Skylom is a mobile rewards platform. You watch videos and earn coins.
You earn coins by watching videos. Then you can cash out coins for gift cards.
You can watch up to 600 videos per day. You have 200 videos per day by default and if get 1 friend to watch 1 video, then you unlock 600 videos per day. If your referral does not play for 1 day, then you lock again at 50 videos per day. Then will need him or another referral to watch 1 video to unlock 600 daily videos again.
We ONLY allow one account per person.
Watch and listen to the video. The category is there to make sure you actually watch the video.
No. You can redeem your money anytime. Minimum $0.02 usd via PayPal.
$3 via PayPal for 1500 coins
$5 via PayPal for 2200 coins
$25 via PayPal for 10000 coins
If you have any questions, message us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaymackGame/
YES! You earn 20% of your referral lifetime earnings. When your referral redeem, you get 20% of HIS redeemed coins in your account. Thus, every time your referral redeem, you earn 20% forever. Invite as many friends as possible via your unique link to maximize earnings. Get your invite link here: https://www.skylom.com/invite